About me

I was born in Cape Town and grew up in beautiful South Africa.  I've lived in London, Milan and now Munich is home.  Married to the love of my life and we have two beautiful young daughters.    

Ever since I discovered Henri Cartier-Bresson I have been captivated and intrigued by photography.  He opened my eyes and I wanted to experience life like that, to eat life and capture those special moments too, to capture the beauty of life.

My second influence is Annie Leibovitz and it has been through her that I have developed a love for controlling and manipulating light to create wonderful, stylised and editorial type images.  I love photographing people and I love taking portraits, and I never stop thinking about how best to light an image. 

A wedding is the perfect combination of these two styles (street/photojournalism & stylised portraiture) and I cannot think of anything better to photograph than a wedding.  It is an extraordinary event that is so rich in emotion, so elegant and stylish and which provides such an opportunity to make so many beautiful images.

You can see some of my commercial work here:  www.greggfoto.com